Princess Fierce

M0mmy Dearest Feminizes S0n

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Posted: 08/08/2017
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Category: Feminization
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Taboo , Sissy Training , Taboo

You got sent home from school for being bullied by the boys and mean girls. You even got punched in the face. It's time for your domineering m0mmy to send you off to school this morning, but there are going to be some BIG changes. I pull out my makeup and slather it on your face. Only way to stop the boys from beating you up is to transform you into a woman. You know I am a single m0ther, I can't be having you sent home in the middle of the day when I am getting fucked. I throw sexy lingerie out to you and tell you to pick out a skirt and blouse of mine. You'll be gossiping with the girls and sucking the boys dicks in no time faggot. Yes, my s0n is a sissy homo faggot. This clip contains elements of sissification, coerced FEM, sissy, sissy training, coerced crossdressing, sissy slut, feminization, femdom, humiliation, crossdressing, *** & *** fantasy, faggot.