Losers Jerk More

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Posted: 07/19/2017
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Category: Humiliation
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Games , Masturbation Instruction , Femdom POV

It's no secret that losers jerk more; you're sexually repulsive, don't have a girlfriend, and stand little chance of getting laid by anything other than your hand in general. Losers really have to endure the worst parts of existence, but today, losers win. I'm going to reward you and train you to LOVE being pathetic, because the bigger of a loser you are today, the more you get to jerk off; congrats?! We're going to play a little JOI game in which I ask you questions to determine just how much you suck at life, and every time you can give me an affirmative answer, confirming your loserdom, I'll let you stroke. Not as lame as you thought? It'll be hands off for 60 seconds. But don't worry; I don't think a guy like you will find my questions too challenging....