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Loser You Get Denied And Humiliated Asking Me On A Date

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Posted: 04/03/2015
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Small Penis Humiliation

I was getting ready to go out in my hot gold tight dress, and then you called, Yes it was you LOSER, once again calling and begging me for  a date. DENIED! Do you think someone like me would date a loser like you?  Fat loser boy you keel calling me asking me out on a date and he's just not getting the hint, listen to me tell him off and rip on what a fat loser he is, all you fatties this applies to you, Like seriously loser who’s ever going to date you. you barely even should go out in public you're so ugly and gross and disgusting.  Oh yeah, I'm not wearing panties so you might even get a peek at my pussy. A look what what losers like YOU will never have.