Goddess Christina

Lonely Loser Findom INTOX Game

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Clip length: 00:22:56
Posted: 12/31/2017
File size: 590.85 MB
Category: Drinking
Secondary categories:
Tit Worship , Financial Domination , Femdom POV , Brat Girls , Ass Worship

Dare to play my game? You know Goddess will fuck you up! But that’s what you really want isn’t it? You want me to take full control. To see where I lead you. Shot after shot feeling weaker and weaker for me. Unable to say no. Only able to say YES Goddess. You love to be used by me. What else could a lonely loser dream of on New Years Eve? A night in with Goddess is exactly what the doctor ordered. You didn’t have plans tonight did you? Oh wait… of course you don’t! You live to worship at my shrine. So grab your shot of choice, and something hard to wash it down with, and let my games begin!