Ceara Lynch

Locking Up D***y

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Clip length: 00:09:40
Posted: 09/25/2017
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Category: Chastity

Does m****r know about your twisted interests in your own d******r? I’ve heard of friends with d***y issues, but not like having a pervy *** hitting on his own little girl. You always wait until *** is away on a trip before you really flirt with me, so you’re sweetheart won’t find out about you. Not this time! I was planning on my dad’s advances so I locked him up in chastity to punish him for his perversions. If he wants to blame his gross attraction to me on being such a tease, then I might as well show d***y what a slutty d******r he has! Too bad all he can do is watch as I tease him with my perfect body. I even called my boyfriend to come over to mess around in front of him. Maybe I’ll even show d***y how his innocent d******r likes to get fucked.