Kate Big Boobs

Live caming with A LOT of different wedgies till both panties torn!

Price: $4.99
Clip length: 00:11:14
Posted: 03/23/2019
File size: 300 MB
Category: Clothes Destruction
Secondary categories:
Pregnant , Panty Fetish , Asshole , Spanking

the girls starting in the scene be them acting like they are on a live stream and people are commenting dares and such which they do for the video

I trust you have the improv skills during the wedgies, squealing, laughing, taunting, that sort of thing. Only dialogue I need them to say is to "read" the dare and move on to the next wedgie.

All regular wedgies in different positions, standing, bent over something, bent over knee, leaned against a wall, on all 4s, head down ass up, laying on stomach. Jock lock, shoulder, chair wedgie if you can, Atomic if you can at least once on either girl, both would be better and to end the scene they would accept ripping wedgies and rip off each other's panties then they say they are logging off or whatever and video is done.

Each position I would like both girls to go, like for bending over one girl bends over and gets the wedgie then they swap and the other girl gets it and moves on to next position.

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