Listen to my Terrible Trapped Gas Farts!

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Posted: 01/31/2017
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Gurgle Goddess has had awful trapped gas all day. She's been bloated and gassy and needs to get all that wind out of her tummy somehow. She took some gas relief tablets an hour or so ago and has been feeling the gas start to move down to her butt so she's decided to make a video to review how well the tablets work.

She rubs her bloated belly as the gas works its way down to her butt and she begins letting out some relieving bubbly farts. However so much of the gas is still trapped inside her and is so difficult to push out that she tries getting into a few different positions to let the wind out of her system. Some work beter than others and she farts plenty but she still feels uncomfortable and desperately needs to get the rest of the gas out of her system.

The last few stubborn farts just won't come and you can watch her moan and complain in pain and discomfort as she kneads her belly, wiggles her butt and tries everything she can think of to release the wind - including using a vibrator to try shaking the gas out of her! It takes a lot of work to get those last few farts out and she pushes a little too hard, making a wet patch on her hotpants! Eventually she feels deflated and relieved. Have you ever met anyone who suffers from as much gas as the Goddess? 

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