Listen To My Belly Gurgle While I Fart

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Posted: 03/29/2017
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Body Functions , BBW , Belly

This video was originally filmed as a custom but my customer was kind enough to let me sell this in my store so you can enjoy the experience of resting your head upon my belly and listen to it churning and gurgling away as I fart, too!

I have a lot of gas gurgling around inside of me. There's a lot of pressure in my gut and I feel bloated and swollen. I tell you about the commotion going on inside of me whilst I let off a few choice blasts of gas from my butthole and invite you over to listen for yourself.

You can hear the gurgling, the rumbling and the growling that is coming from inside my tummy. You'll hear my stomach bubbling as the air shifts around. Every now and then it works its way down to my butt again and I let out another loud fart. You can literally hear the sound of the gas moving out of my body from both the inside and out as I carry on farting away!

Eventually after my belly has rumbled and gurgled at you for long enough I know there's only one way to ease my discomfort and that means getting up and turning off the camera. I ask you to go to the toilet with me before the video ends. You can use your imagination to work out what happened next ;)

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