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Let's Make Some Sissy Labia! Double Domina Ballbusting with Contessa Zoe & Miss Xi

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Clip length: 00:10:09
Posted: 06/23/2016
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Category: Ball Busting

This video. It was an intense day of shooting. Riding high on just filming "Filth Dungeon Beat Down" we were thirsty for more screams and moans and went in for it with one of my biggest pain sluts/ sissies: Kira. The air quality wasn't great, we didn't hide much of the filming mess, but it stands as a classic in the Sadistic production history of Myself and Miss Xi. This is the less messy version.

The original write up:

"After some sweet beatdown shoots I invite Sadistic Miss Xi to join me in a little dungeon to enjoy and push my pain slut Kira to new heights in pain meditation. All the right elements were there and I wanted to show her just how much they can take. We tie her up with zip ties in a full femme outfit complete with lace gloves and C cups. Those balls will have to change shape, will have to be kicked, slapped around and squashed.

You can see our lights in the background and props from beatdowns past on the uneven floor, in fact we both trip on it, but don't fall down. We are determined to push and see how much pain slut Kira can breathe through, talking about how we are going to flatten the balls into labia, flaps, Korean pancakes. We actually did quite a bit of damage I cant show on here so I wont, you can just imagine how much work it took Kira to be able to take this kind of serious serious ball busting, with marks lasting long after the day to remember us by. We use our boots and shoes, corporal tools, hands and more.

I remind them constantly to breathe through the sensations to survive this experiment. So much attention paid to balls she doesn’t need anymore by two beautiful women.. so lucky."