Goddess Christina

Less of Her MORE of ME

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Posted: 06/24/2017
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Category: Home Wrecker
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Sub Training , Tit Worship , Humiliation , Brat Girls , Ass Worship

You need something more. Something just a bit sexier. Let’s be real. Sooo much sexier! There’s nothing sexy about her. She’ll never be enough. She can’t get you hard or make you cum like I can. You can’t get the idea of there being something so much better out of your mind. And you know you’ve found it. ME! I’m the perfect Goddess of your dreams. You can’t get enough of me. YES Goddess has become your favorite words. Sex with her doesn’t do it for you. Your hand feels so much better as you stare at my perfect HOT body. It’s time to dedicate yourself fully to me. Less of her. MORE of ME!