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Leather Glove Breathplay POV: I Make You Do Your Breathing Exercises

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Posted: 09/07/2018
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Category: Breath Play
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Glove Fetish , Femdom POV , Fetish Clothing , Female Domination

Breathplay is something I play with a lot, I love it. Face to face is delightful, watching cheeks and foreheads and ears get red. The first time I start taking breath from you, when the fantasy becomes the reality and you realize that yes I do LOVE taking breath and watching you squirm! Here I focus on straight choking, hands around the throat,  and HOM (Hand Over Mouth) while wearing leather gloves and a hot catsuit in a chain spiderweb dungeon, because I’m awesome. Lots of breathing exercises with counting.


The Fantasy: Sadistic smoking hot redhead Dominatrix wants to HOM and choke you, to take your air. I live for it. I’m wearing a catsuit, waist cinched, black leather boots and black leather gloves.


All you have to do is FOLLOW MY BREATHING INSTRUCTIONS. You may need to tug on your balls or tie them up, or sit on your hands, or put a plug in one of your holes depending on your ability and body.


Starts right off with my instructing your breath before you get my gorgeous gloves around your face and mouth or neck. Slip into feeling Controlled  + Helpless, Give up this thing to me, that you do all day without even thinking about it. Ill make you feel gratitude for each sneaky inhale of air I let you take. Feel weakened by your vulnerability, by my presence. Slip into the panic of breathplay or calmness of subspace, imagine the smell of warm leather, and submit to tmy restricitions.


Now, GIVE ME YOUR BREATH!!! Follow along at home. Please me. Say “Yes Contessa”.