Lean Muscle Messy Play -- 2 of 3 -- sounding cum 720P

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Posted: 06/05/2016
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Category: BDSM

Mr. Lean Muscle Stud comes back for more intense urethral and catheter play. This time I started stimulating his prostate until his pre-cum flowing out of the urethral meatus. Then I told him to flip over and begin sounding him with 12 inch long Rosebud rod. As the Rosebud rod fully inserted into this urethra he is getting harder and harder. I keep fucking him inside out until he told me he is about to cum, then I let him jerked himself to a creamy cumshot. Right after his ejaculation I started fucking his sensitive urethra again with multiple large Rosebud rod, inserted deeply passing the prostate urethra and using his own cum as lubricant ... when his urethra turned to redish pink color... I catheterized him with a 18fr and drained all of his urine from his full bladder (see for yourself how much urine he can hold in his bladder.. you will be surprised). -- THIS IS PART 2 of 3 (sounding + cum in 720P) --