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After a date I've invited you back up to my room. I like to be in charge, so I instruct you to take your clothes off first. Give me a little show, let me see what you've got. As you strip down things seem to be going ok, until you take off your underwear and I see your penis for the first time. I don't bother to hide my disappointment. That's it? Wow, you are really not up to my standards. I've changed my mind about sex tonight, your small dick just doesn't do it for me. Now I'm annoyed that I wasted a whole night, wasted make-up, did my hair, put on a hot outfit, just to be let-down at the end of the day by a small dick that I just know would never satisfy. I am pretty irritated that you actually thought you, a pathetic maggot dick, could get a piece of me! As I rip into you, making fun of your small penis, I am shocked to see that you are actually excited about this! How pathetic! You are jerkin and getting off to me laughing at you! Telling you how I am going to make fun of your small member to all my hot friends! Wow! Whatever, just finish what you are doing so you can leave. I continue to berate you and show you flashes of my pussy, taunting you with what you are never going to get.