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Latex Therapist Manipulation

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Posted: 01/21/2016
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Masturbation Instruction , CFNM

*custom clip* The scenario involves you as my therapist - it is our last session together. You enter the room in your fabulous black dress - your make up and hair look impeccable. You say you are going out on a hot date directly after our session. You seek my opinion on how you look and show off how hot you look to me...giggle a little because you already know you are real hot and notice I am a little embarrassed because I am gazing at you and you jokingly query if I am getting hard in my pants already. Then we get down to my therapy.The reason I am attending is that I have this fetish for black latex and boots and I go crazy at the thought of someone in latex. As it is my last session you aim to have a little fun with me as part of my 'therapy'. You see men like me on a regular basis and know how pathetic we get at the sight of a thing of beauty. You want to push my boundaries.You ask me to take all of my clothes off and just before you leave the room to change you ask me have I ever imagined you in know I have. You ask me to close my eyes...and ask me to imagine you in such an outfit until you return. You tell me not to touch my cock but you know that I have incredibly sensitive nipples so let me tweak those in your absence.On your return, you ask me to open my parade your black latex beauty in front of me. you insist I look into your eyes as I masturbate...then you ask me to stop...your hands start caressing your body and allow me to watch you tease me...then you ask me to focus on gazing into your eyes as I start to jerk again. I want you to edge me to the point of climax but ultimately I would love you to ruin my O. I will leave it to your expert way with men to conclude how this ends. I want it to have elements of tease, gentle humiliation and obviously JOI.

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