Kayla Jane Danger

Latex Dolls: Sensual Lesbian Domination

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Clip length: 00:08:32
Posted: 06/04/2017
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Category: Foot Worship

Kayla has dressed Janice up in latex, which is a first for the petite doll. Kayla presents her new doll in her latex dress and shines her tiny ass and luscious tits before instructing Janice on how to lube Kayla's own latex properly. Janice rubs her whole shiny body all over Kayla's glossy ass. Kayla has Janice remove her stiletto suede and silk Louboutins and worship her high arched feet. Janice sticks her tongue between Kayla's toes, and slobbers up and down Kayla's wrinkled soles. Janice worship's Kayla's bare feet with dedication, pride and a smile across her face. Janice looks forward to being a doll & Kayla's toy, whatever Kayla asks for. With each peek up Kayla's latex girdle, each view of her pretty pussy, Janice gets more and more excited to serve her Goddess and you will too.

xxx Kayla Jane Danger

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