Goddess Rosie

Landlord Pimptress- 1080p HD

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Posted: 06/18/2017
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Gay for Pay , Cock

You’re late on your rent again. This is just unacceptable. What do you do with your money? Rent comes the same time EVERY month, you shouldn’t be surprised.


I’m tired of you coming here every month with some excuse as to why you can’t pay on the due date. Do I look like your fucking m****r to care about your excuses? NO. I have every right to kick you to the curb.


But, upon closer inspection of you I start to realize something. You look like such a weak little bitch. You’re always trembling and whimpering when you come to see me. Are you afraid of strong women? LOL.


I bet that’s where all your money goes. You go out with dominant women and they smell a loser like you immediately. Easily taken advantage of…WEAK! You get taken for a ride and never get any PUSSY from it.


Hahahaha, you can’t even deny it. I have power over you already. Knowing this makes your predicament even more fun for me. Fine, you don’t want to lose your little apartment that I make you pay double for… you’re going to have to do something for me...