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Kymberly Jane And Daphney Have Fun With Their Helium Balloons

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Posted: 12/27/2018
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Category: Balloons
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Crush , Panty Fetish , Lesbian , Tits

Kymberly Jane surprises Daphney Sugar Rose with helium balloons. The girls cut the necks of the balloons and suck the helium out. They totally crack themselves up with their high pitched chipmunk like voices. Kym of course wants to pop a couple of them but Daphney isn't so sure about it. She doesn't much like the anticipation of the pop. Kym has no problem with it though and bounces on her balloon until it explodes. And boy does it ever explode. It's super loud and shrapnel goes everywhere. Daphney quickly decides she'd rather suck the helium out of her balloon than pop it. The girls go back to talking funny for a while and they end the clip by saving some of the balloons for next time. Kym does manage to pop one more balloon while Daphney hides under the other balloons:)