Kylie Jacobs

Kylie's Perfect Ass

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Posted: 01/13/2018
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Category: Ass Worship
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Pantyhose/Stockings , Goddess Worship , Female Domination

Just look at my perfect ass. It drives you crazy. Makes you so weak. You can't get enough of it. It's perfect. 

The more you stroke, the more addicted you get to my body... and the weaker you become! The more you think about me, the more you crave me. Your goddess. Who you will do anything for... because you can't help yourself!

You would give anything to touch and caress every square inch of my body... but that will never happen. Not to you anyways! You will just have to settle for looking at my amazing body, and worshiping me however I want you to. Because THAT is your true purpose. That is your ONLY purpose. To serve me. To do whatever I tell you to... and to jerk off exactly how I tell you to. 

At the end, I will give you a cum countdown. I hope you can cum on time!