Lady Dee

Just My Toes

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Clip length: 00:05:44
Posted: 02/28/2018
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Category: Toes
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Pedicures / Toenails , Masturbation Instruction , Femdom POV

You love my feet. I can put up any clip with my feet and there you are buying it, you just can't get enough... so addicted and weak for my feet. We're going to focus on my sexy pretty toes today! I want to show you my latest pedicure. Now I know your dick is throbbing and you're already jerking off, so keep jerking it while I talk about my awesome toes as you admire my toenail polish, how shiny and smooth, teasing you with my long slender wiggly toes instructing you to stroke faster to my toes... focus on my toes as you stroke, don't take your eyes off my toes. I bet you want to suck each toe into your mouth... pump faster, faster for my toes. 

Clip Contains: toes, toe fetish, toenail polish, toe wiggling, toenail fetish, pedicured toes, long toes, foot fetish, feet joi, barefoot, wrinkled soles, denim jeans, foot slave training, cum countdown, femdom pov

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