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Posted: 01/26/2016
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Category: Financial Domination
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Pantyhose/Stockings , Goddess Worship , Female Domination
You are for me just a walking ATM machine! An inferior, small tailed loser who is born to pay for it! It requires no Love messages or other - you just only pay! In return, you will never get anything - it makes you more horny easy, every time you let me get a tribute - so you no longer can dominate in you, pull the trigger your entire coal within minutes of me! Every time you\'re proud to have been given this privilege! Just a living ATM for me! I\'m just too good that you could be my perfect body, my long nylon legs and my beautiful feet in these expensive high heels tee, depending a wish! The longer you look, the weaker you are going and zückst once your credit card! Come on, I want all your hard-earned money - you know, how much it makes me horny when I really have all of you! You can you really lucky, you may go to work for me! For a loser, like you, it\'s just the perfect life\'s work! Go and tribute now!