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Posted: 06/05/2018
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Category: Financial Domination
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*custom clip* description: "The custom I have in mind would be one where you are on trial for doing exactly that, and I’m the judge. You barge into my chambers, and I try to kick you out, but you immediately start teasing me and seducing me and you break my willpower. You start out by wearing a sexy professional outfit, the kind you might wear to court or for a job interview, but you take off your outfit throughout the clip, and you are wearing a super tiny bikini, like the one you wore recently in “Swallowing is Your Best Option,” one that barely covers your nipples and almost nothing more. You tease me and make me stroke for you - I try very hard to resist, but you are too sexy and I can’t help it. While I’m stroking, you explain exactly what you did to all of those men who gave you all of their money, and you make me promise to let you off. You start out the clip by calling me “Your Honor,” but once you’ve turned me into a mess, you start calling me Rob, and you say my name a lot. It ends with a countdown that, as usual, cements me being your slave. Please say my name several times while you're telling me to cum, and once you start telling me to cum, make that part last a long time (at least 15 seconds or so)."