Miss Kelle Martina

Jorge's Downfall

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Posted: 12/22/2018
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Amazon , Role Play , Humiliation , Goddess Worship , Femdom POV

You are the leader of the Amazons. A priestess and a sorcerer, and also an incredibly beautiful warrior.

Attire: A greek robe or something similar if available. If not available, anything you choose that you deem suitable for an ancient goddess.

I (my name is JORGE) was the chieftain of a neighboring tribe that was thoroughly defeated by the amazons, who took me captive. I was brought before your presence, naked and bound in chains. A bit intimidated but still defiant.

You look at me, laughing about the foolishness of trying to resist to the Amazon’s power, telling me that men are weak, stupid an easy to subjugate by powerful women. You taunted me for a while about how easy it was to defeat my army and capture me, how men thought they were strong and fierce but in the end were only lambs slaughtered by the Amazons and all the survivors were enslaved to serve Amazon women.

Then, you told me that, as a former leader of men, you have a surprise in store for me, which would serve as an example for the male population of your empire, and as a warning for the neighboring tribes that dared to defy you.

You looked in the eyes and tell me that when we are done, I would be submitted to you not only physically, but also in mind and soul, becoming your helpless and willing slave.

(Sorry for writing so much, but I tried to set the stage correctly, the following lines are much more brief)

First part (about 4-5 minutes): Pure psychological domination. You display your raw feminine power, mesmerizing me. You overwhelm me with your gaze and your voice, noting how I’m getting weaker and more willing to surrender. At the beginning I tried to resist, but my erect penis is a proof of the control you have over me, and of the fact that the idea of being your slave excited me. In the end I’m weak, dazed, and willing to submit.

Second part (about 3 minutes): Now you are in control, you take off your robe (which in turn makes me weaker and more excited), showing me the glory of your feminine body, and put on a strapon, ordering me to suck it, which I comply (as a way of showing your dominance, you ask me to beg you to suck your cock, at this time all my pride is gone, so I comply). I suck your cock, while you taunt me about how good a cocksucker I´m, and how everybody is watching my humiliation.

Third part: (about 4 minutes): You said that as the culmination of my enslavement, you are going to fuck me with your strapon, and f*****g me to eat my cum. So you ask to lay on my back, having a full view of you, your eyes, your breast, and your strapon. You start pounding me. The combination of your body, your stare and your strapon drive me insane and completely submissive. The domination includes being asked to beg you to fuck me harder, and to said that I´m your dog, your slave and your bitch.

Conclusion (1 – 2 minutes): I beg you to allow me to cum. You laugh and tell me that when I cum I will be completely yours, in body, mind and soul, but I asked you to let me cum anyway. So you jerked me off with your skilled hands and I cum crying that I’m yours. You stared me, laugh and said that from now on I’ll be your slave forever, and that you are going to brand me like cattle, and parade me by the entire town for everybody to see your victory and my enslavement.