Mistress Salem

Join My Ass Worship Cult 2: JOI Initiation for Bratty Homewrecker Ass Addicts

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Posted: 09/16/2018
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JOI , Home Wrecker , Mindfuck , Brat Girls , Orgasm Control

Forget about your wife & your loser life ... Join My Ass Worship Cult! No other thoughts can penetrate your mind with My ass in your face,,, you are a convert to My religion ... My ass is your God! This is your precious time to yourself, spent wisely on worshipping My young hot sparky ass! I love to tease you about your addiction- I make you beg Me to let you jerk off to my perfect ass while I tease you & shake it in your face, stand above you & lower it onto your face, up & down while I finally give you permission to indulge completely! My ass is EVERYTHING to you so you'll do everything I say while you stroke your cock to My ass worship & jerk off instructions...It's so much more than that...if you really want to be in My cult & forsake your wife for your addiction to having your face plunged in My ass... you'll do anything to get time with Me!Making you edge your cock while I bounce My sparkly ass all over your face spreading My cheeks... I make you say it over & over, "you ass is God," I make you repeat mantras while you fuck your hand... I stop you right at the edge to truly brainwash you officially into My cult... Ass is God, Ass is your religion...Ass is what makes you cum! Accept it & relent to My teasing & taunting- I'm the homewrecker that understands all of your addictions, your need for ass, your hopeless obsession with ass- cumming while being teased to climax by a bratty Goddess is so fucking hot- My ass owns you & I'm going to get what I want from you, married man... you're in My cult now, take off your ring & admire every curve of My sexy ass as you give in completely. I own all of your cum- it all belongs to Me, and this ass, not to her! This is your temple & you will only cum for My ass! It's so fucking hot to control your orgasm & mindfuck you senseless with the combination of My verbal & physical domination- My words & My ass make you so weak you are now a mindless member of a cult of ass, programmed to cum when Goddess says, the need for a bratty Femdom ass worshiping jerk off session too intense to say no, and your cult leader more than prepared to make you forget all about your marriage and instead devote all of your cum to My ass!CLIP CONTAINS: homewrecker, ass worship, jerk off instruction, bratty femdom goddess, long legs, ass shaking, ass fetish, short shorts, JOI, edging, orgasm control, cockteasing, shiny fetish, face sitting, ass, brainwashing, religious, cult, taboo, goddess worship, ass JOI, brat girls, pigtails, homewrecking, homewrecked, mindfuck, ass smothering