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JOI Shower Tease

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Posted: 08/24/2014
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Category: Orgasm Control
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Masturbation Instruction , Tease & Denial , Ass Worship , Orgasm Denial , Chastity

Since you've been stuck in chastity for so long I'm going to play a little game with you. I know how much you LOVE my ass and how OBSESSED you are with the chance of someday getting to see it completely bare. Haha you know your chances of that dream coming true are pretty slim but you decide to play along with me anyway because what do you have to lose? You'll be stuck in that cage either way, but MAYBE if you're a good boy while I take my shower I'll let you take the cage off for a few minutes. Maybe I'll even let you stoke it to my BARE ASS. Hahaha you get so desperate, aching against your metal chastity device while I tease you in the shower letting you only get the slightest peek of me behind the frosted glass door! Your cock and balls must be in so much pain by now! Since you suffer so well for me, I'll let you take the device off, but ONLY if you play by my rules! You have to sit and wait, HANDS OFF, and continue suffering until I let you stoke it for me in my bath towel. I give you an agonizingly slow cum countdown from 20 to 1 while I tease you with my wet naked body underneath this towel.. when I get to 1 I'll either let your dreams come true and give you the best orgasm of your life, OR I'll deny you and make you go right back into chastity with bluer balls than before! Haha! What do you think I'll do? Are you ready to find out your fate??