Luna Lain

JOI Pedal Pumping - Luna Lain

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Posted: 10/17/2018
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Category: Pedal Pumping
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Damsel in Distress , Cranking , Games , Masturbation Instruction , Tease & Denial

With Luna Lain!

I confront you about how my car won't start at your house again. After doing research, I found a fetish for helpless girls cranking cars.

I want you to take your dick out while I talk dirty and pretend my car won't start in this tiny shirt and panties. The game rule is that you can only stroke your cock when I pump my foot on the pretend gas pedal. You don't get to cum until my car starts.

I try starting my car, ready to go home and it won't turn over. That's odd because it usually starts. Come on girl, don't do this to me now. This is a really bad time for you to break. Your battery is new and I didn't leave the lights on. I promise to use premium fuel. Start your engine as I writhe and moan in an orgasmic struggle.

That's the purr I wanted to hear, and I see you were ready as well. Does this mean my car will start the next time I come over?



This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me at LunaLainModeling at g m a i l dot com