JOI For Taken Men Pt 1

Price: $10.99
Clip length: 00:10:23
Posted: 07/18/2018
File size: 428.39 MB
Category: Orgasm Control
Secondary categories:
Home Wrecker , Cock Tease

Part 1 of 6 JOI/orgasm control clips specifically designed for men in relationships (married, girlfriend, dating). HOWEVER, these are 100% suitable (and enjoyable) as straight up JOI clips for anyone. These are NOT homewrecking clips although you can enjoy them in that capacity in your mind if you wish. However, they were designed almost as the opposite; as a way to get your femdom fix whilst respecting the boundaries of a relationship, but still playing with them slightly.<br> In this, clip 1, your instructions are as follows: Watch my clip 'jerk before work' either before work or early in the morning (buy it if necessary). Don't cum. Later in the day pick 3 consecutive hours on which to edge. This clip will form the instructions for the 3rd hour so choose your time accordingly. You'll need to be able to sneak away for 5-10 minutes on the hour each hour. Hour 1, you'll bring yourself to 1 edge. Hour 2; 2 edges, hour 3; 3 edges (as instructed in this clip). This clip will also give you instructions on how/whether or not you'll be allowed release....

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