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Jessica Rabbit Mesmerizes Private Eye Eddie Valiant with her Unbelievable Toon Boobs

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Posted: 03/20/2017
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Category: Comic Book Role Play
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Glove Fetish , Curvy , Big Tits , Mesmerize , Costumes

That ultimate sexy and curvaceous Toon bombshell Jessica Rabbit has invited private eye Eddie Valiant to her dressing room after her show to hire him for an important case. Mrs. Rabbit’s hubby and little gold mine Roger Rabbit, the biggest star in Toon Town, has been kidnapped by an unknown criminal, and she wants Eddie to get him back without the press finding out. At first, he refuses because he doesn’t work Toon cases. But what Private Dick Eddie Valiant doesn’t realize is that Jessica really is kind of bad like she’s drawn. In fact, she’s been running Toon Town from behind the scenes by controlling all the studio heads with her hypnotic bouncy toon boobs and sexy voice, h*********g them with her curves into paying her little hubby Roger huge salaries to be in their films. Jessica doesn’t take no for an answer from any man, and in no time she mesmerizes Eddie with her unbelievable toon boobs and sexy voice, and he happily agrees to anything she asks. After a cum countdown and promise of more where that came from once he cracks the case as motivation, he immediately goes off to find Roger for her, returning only an hour later with the identity of the kidnapper!