Kelle Martina

Jeff is A Cum Dump

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Posted: 07/12/2018
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Bi Humiliation , Femdom POV , Strap-On , Fetish Clothing

Name “Jeff” included.

Opening the door - Evening Jeff, Ready to go out to dinner? Couldn’t wait to see you again. You don’t even know how much it turned me on seeing you sucking cock and getting fucked like you did. Touching yourself, getting turned on. God I fucking love bi men. You really love cock don’t you? I know you love me and women, but fuck you really went to town on those cocks for me. Sucking that cock till he came in your mouth, and getting railed by that other guy. Holy fuck that turned me on so much. So really tell me how much you love cock? Come on slut tell me! Louder. Tell me slut, how much you want to be turned into a fuck hole for cock. Taking loads of cum, from every guy I want. Little turned on giggle, I know baby, and that’s what makes you such a good slut for me, but its not enough. No one knows just how much of a cock slut you are do they? You live your life and everyone thinks your straight, well baby, were going out tonight to a special place and I’m wearing this, I know you love it but (panning down) I got a little something extra. I know everyone will be checking me out, and when they get a look at what I’m hiding in this tight dress, well everyone is going to know you take it in the ass. Take one look at me and know that you are my slut. Maybe I’ll even show some of the people in the restaurant the picture of you sucking cock and getting your ass railed. I have them right here on my phone. With any luck maybe some of them will be turned on and we’ll have dessert for you to swallow for me.


Getting back to your place. You open the door with me, a llittle out of breath, giggling, and incredibly turned on and feeling horny. Holy shit, I can’t believe I got that guy to let you suck his cock in the bathroom, God I love seeing you with a cock in your mouth. How did his cum taste? Good? Come on I know you loved it, you gulped it right down. You want more don’t you slut? Come on Jeff I want to hear you begging for more cum. Good boy, while we were sitting there having dinner, I sent your pictures to all my hot gay friends, so you’ll get your wish. I’m not just turning you into my slut, I fucking turning you into my cum dumpster, gang banged like a gay whore. But tonight you’re all mine. You didn’t think I wore this strapon and wasn’t going to use it did you?


When I come back, I want you naked and on the bed. You leave the room then proceed to talk through and thrust through POV fucking me talking really dirty and nasty to me about you making me into a complete cock whore, cock slut, cum slut etc for you. Fucking me with the strapon. Moaning and telling me how much it turns you on seeing me do slutty things for you taking cocks and cum in all my holes. Fucking me with the strapon until you orgasm.


I can’t wait to get messages back from everyone that wants to fuck you I’m sure they will love the pictures as much as I did and everyone will want a turn with you. Get ready slut.

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