Lady Dee

Jeans Bitch POV

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Clip length: 00:09:21
Posted: 03/07/2019
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Category: Jeans
Secondary categories:
Humiliation , Femdom POV , Ass Worship

This is a custom clip with the name tom used throughout and you won't mind cause just look at that amazing view!

his request:

For the script idea i'd like to thank You for the inspiration. i saw Your, 'The Pose' clip and i thought, "Man, i'd love to see that view from the other side!"

So, that's what i'm looking for. A custom with you wearing those new dark wash Hudson jeans while lying on the floor in 'the pose'. Only this time the camera is from the back, like between your knees or a bit further back and pointed at that gorgeous ass of Yours. Every once in a while You could move up onto Your knees to put Your ass right in front of the camera. Ask me if i could imagine seeing You in real life like this, how badly i'd want to kiss and worship Your ass. Laugh about how a real man would want to fuck you but i'd be happy just to sniff Your ass like the pathetic loser i am. i'll leave the rest to You and Your imagination, You're the pro. i do love when You call me by name but You already know that. Thanks!

Clip Contains: jeans fetish, ass worship, ass fetish, ass sniffing, humiliation, cock tease, denim fetish, femdom pov