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James Tiny Dick Humiliation Request

Price: $9.99
Clip length: 00:08:21
Posted: 09/15/2016
File size: 160.93 MB
Category: SPH
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Brat Princess , Small Penis Humiliation , Humiliation , Brat Girls

"hello Mistress Kiara, if you dont have any toys that size a lipgloss or chapstick will work great) my weewee is 9cm when hard, please get a ruler and measure 9cm and tell me how much that is in inches and tell me exactly what you think of hard little weewees that size also stroke on the little toy with one finger and thumb ordering me to make a sissy dribble out of my itty bitty weewee please have the camera close up on your gorgeous face so i can watch your perfect lips as you tease me and my tiny dicklette. if you can get hold of a pink ribbon id love for you to wrap it in a cute little bow around the tiny toy ordering all the tiny dicklette losers watching the video to go out and get a ribbon to tie in a bow around their itty bitty clittys, would love it if you did a bit of babytalk to the tiny pindick sized dicklettes also Mistress love it if you ordered every tiny dicklette who orders your video to repeat some humiliating stuff after you, that would be great please use my name James when mentioning the size of my itty bitty weewee Mistress sorry for taking so long but i wanted to take the time to think of something good, i look forward to ordering many more from you Mistress Kiara hope to hear from you soon Mistress, hope you enjoy my idea"