It's A Privilege To Lick My Sneakers Loser

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Posted: 03/11/2019
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Category: Foot Humiliation
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Foot Worship , Foot Domination , Dirty Feet/Shoes

Goddess Kyaa

Get to licking little loser. I know you want to be useful and licking my sneakers is the only way you could ever please me. You're not a real man to me so you can lick my shoes. This is how you need to be degraded. I won't even let you lick my bare feet but you can clean my sneakers. That's all you deserve, isn't that right loser?

You're going to keep licking until your tongue is black. This makes your cock so hard, doesn't it? This is your purpose in life. This is the only thing you're good for, is to lick my shoes clean. Lick them idiot. I don't want you talking, I just want your tongue out, licking my sneakers until they're clean. 

It's a privilege to lick my shoes clean, you fucking loser. You're so lucky, aren't you? Being my sneaker licker is your reason for living. You need purpose and this makes you feel so useful, doesn't  it? I want you licking the dirt off of the soles, I want them fucking clean loser. 

Look how pathetic you are. This is what I think of you. This is the best you can hope to ever get from me. You exist to lick my sneakers. You're an object, a shoe licking loser that just exists to serve my shoes. Now thank me for letting you be my shoe cleaning bitch. You exist to serve my feet.