Goddess Rosie

Introducing My White Pantyhose Sniffing Slave- 960x540

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Clip length: 00:13:22
Posted: 10/04/2016
File size: 116.9 MB
Category: Pantyhose/Stockings

Name is used.

Pantyhose wanker Duncan just can't stay away from me. My sweet, seductive and mind fucking aura leave him wanting more and more everytime. He is totally addicted to my sock and pantyhose clips.

I'm introducing my white bitch to my dominatrix bestie Empress Lahari. Seeing me and her together makes this pantyhose wanker so horny. His stiff white dick can't take it. I whip his white ass until it's red. A white slave must be properly punished before offering it up to Empress Lahari.

Her and I laugh at how eager he is for our pantyhose. We have been in our shoes all day and our pantyhose are perfectly fragrant to stuff down a mayo stain's throat. Come here little white doggy and lick and suck on our pantyhose like a good little bitch.