Goddess Christina

Intro To Slavery Pt 6: Exploring with Goddess

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Posted: 06/02/2017
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Fetish , Sub Training , Masturbation Instruction , Goddess Worship , Ass Worship

I know how to break a man and make him into exactly what I want him to be. I enhance a slave’s fetishes and make him into the ideal servant. I understand that you have a unique set of things that make you tick. Things that no one else understands like I do. But you must know that you will do things my way. You will give in and obey my wants and needs. You’ll worship my perfection. Everything that I am. And you’ll do so through your obedience. I am your Goddess. You will explore with me. There are many things that I want you to experience in the process of molding you and making you mine. The attention, humiliation, and abuse becomes a thrill. Anything from your Goddess is a blessing. Isn’t that right!? You’re going to like it. One way or another. It’s time to prepare yourself. You’re being crafted into my perfect plaything. One that leaps on my cue. One that lives to serve me. Your fetish becomes whatever I want it to be. Explore with me! I promise you… you’re going to accept whatever it is that I want you to. You… are mine!