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Intro to Foot Worship with the Contessa

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Posted: 07/27/2018
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Foot Worship , Foot Domination , Dirty Feet/Shoes

Enjoy some underfoot POV foot gawking while I discuss some of the beginner types of foot play that I like to incorporate in my play time and how the approach to foot worship has multiple stages of consent. Pay attention to what your Dominant asks for, ask clarifying questions, don’t try to push for more than you’ve been granted.

Here we have a private lesson for a lucky student, a budding foot fetishist new to play. Your instruction is to SIT ON YOUR HANDS while viewing like a respectful future foot slut and listen to what I like. Stare at my gorgeous feet while you learn. 

Learn how to navigate and negotiate the foot play that you want. Always remember to listen actively to what you are being asked for and be open to correction so you can be the best foot servant.

I discuss things to consider like

- Foot Appreciation

- Foot Treatment + Pampering

- Foot Touching and Massage

- Foot Tasting and Toe Sucking

- Proper hand care + temperature to prevent sharp nails, cut feet and unwanted sharpness

- Gratitude for each task and moment

- Consent granting for touch

- Foot worship cravings varying from day to day

Lots of direction and stages of foot worship here related to my personal wants- not everyone breaks it down this way but this will give you a good idea of types of approaches and respect for the foot Goddess you worship.

~Contessa Zoe Aspasia~