Interactive Chastity Leverage Incentive

Price: $17.99
Clip length: 00:11:48
Posted: 05/20/2018
File size: 490.74 MB
Category: Chastity
Secondary categories:
Blackmail Fantasy , Cock Tease , Orgasm Denial , Orgasm Control

You love the idea of chastity, don't you? The IDEA of it. But perhaps you've yet to make it a reality, at least for any decent amount of time. A couple of hours doesn't count. A couple of days just about does. So I'll get you to indulge for REAL, today, by having you give ME some leverage (blackmail info), and thereby some incentive to comply. This is a partly interactive clip, hence the pricing, and I suggest you add on my Kik ID to really get involved in the experience. Be ready to stroke, edge, lock yourself up, and document the process for me, as we play with your number one fetish: LOSS OF CONTROL. You'll need a chastity device and plastic numbered lock to play along for real.

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