Candy Glitter

Infiltrating Your Existence

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Posted: 08/14/2018
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Category: Mindfuck
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Brat Princess , Goddess Worship , Brat Girls , Female Domination , Domination

You are obsessed with me, and I am taking over your mind. Don't play the victim when your "sex life" is completely ruined because of me. You NEED this. I am going to consume your mind. I will consume your every thought. If you try and get on dating sites, you will compare the women you meet to me, your perfect and yet unattainable Princess. I am dominant and addictive, and you just keep coming back for me. I want you to cum over and over for me. I am programming you, programming your mind to crave the feeling of stroking for me. You're so fucked for me. You've been fucked since the moment that you saw me. Stroke faster, it feels good to be fucked by Me. Reprogrammed and mindfucked into oblivion. You crave me.