Mistress Salem

In Debt to My Ass JOI

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Clip length: 00:10:43
Posted: 10/09/2018
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Category: Ass Worship
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Mindfuck , Financial Domination , Brat Girls , Orgasm Control , Asshole

Brainwashing you with My ass & bringing you to a hyper-stimulated climax is My intent. My ass is your god- you've been conditioned to pray to it, to lose yourself in worship. Now you will lose your mind entirely to My brainwashing- put on your headphones & turn the volume way up so the binaural beats penetrate your mind, awakening your sexuality & desire while your Goddess brings you deeper under My spell. What is your orgasm worth? I tease & taunt you with My ass in sexy panties, dancing for you, teasing you with My long legs & jerk off instructions. My spell gets deep in you & there is no escape from My ass. My ass is priceless- you will impress this ass by paying for the privilege to cum to it!

Now you're fucked. The waves sent to your brain have overtaken you with the need to impress your Goddess & earn your orgasm ... I love to see you struggle & edge your cock, edging so close that you have to look away from My ass... now that you've clicked send I'm wet - spoil My ass & I smother you with it - pulling My panties up the crack while you stroke to your God, My ass. It's so tantalizing to give everything to Me now, mesmerized entirely by My power... you crave to cum & you will pay for it, you will pay this perfect bratty ass ... I want to find out just how much you can cum. Would it fill up this asshole? One hand stroking & one hand spending then you put your face right in My asshole where you belong... sniff My ass & get ready to cum... you've determined the worth of your orgasm loser!

Put your face in My ass & worship this ass - you don't need to breathe, enjoy being smothered by My hot ass while your cock is so close to cumming...you're a lucky loser to worship the most perfect ass in existence & I want to see just how much your orgasm is worth when you cum with this priceless ass in your face!

CLIP CONTAINS: ass worship, jerk off instruction, findom, financial domination, brainwash, mesmerize, JOI, cum tax, ass smothering, orgasm control, brat girls, masturbation instruction, ass, panties, edging, femdom pov, bratty goddess