Miss Kelle Martina

Impress Me, Bitch

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Clip length: 00:10:36
Posted: 06/24/2018
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Category: Humiliation
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Smoking , Cheerleaders , Femdom POV , Embarrassment

You’ve been working up the nerve half of the year to ask out the hottest cheerleader in school. You catch her on a smoke break after practice and tell her your whole little speech. She doesn’t even know your whole name or even who you really are. In fact, this is the first time you’ve ever had a one on one conversation. What were you thinking trying to ask her out? She gives you biting humiliation, but you still can’t leave. You’re totally obsessed with her. She realizes you’re in love with her and not going anywhere so she challenges you to impress her with your cock. If it’s big enough, she’ll give you a pity fuck. It’s very quickly apparent that your cock is not big enough and she gives you until shes finished with her cigarette to finish jerking off your cock. If you don’t finish in time she’s going to tell everyone that you have a crush on her.

Your life will be over.