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Important Account - Lucy Purr

Price: $8.99
Clip length: 00:10:28
Posted: 02/15/2019
File size: 288.98 MB
Category: Ankle Sprain
Secondary categories:
Curvy , Damsel in Distress , Brunette , Legs , Foot/Shoe Fetish

Lucy Purr hobbles toward her couch and favors her right foot because it is so tender. Her hand grazes over the swelling ankle and she gingerly takes off her high heel. The slightest weight on her barefoot causes her to moan in agony.She takes off her other shoe hoping that she can get her ankle in shape before her big meeting. They do not look kindly upon helpless women, and this is not going to help her win the account. Back and forth across the room she struggles to find the right angle or some form of relief. Every so often she falls to the sofa and tries to work out the kink, but never finds the right position.In despair, she hops off to find crutches.

OTHER KEYWORDS- Lucy Purr, calf muscle fetish, red toenails, leg fetish, dark hair, sprain fetish