Ignore and Fart

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Posted: 03/31/2017
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Category: Farting
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Body Functions , BBW , Ignore Fetish , Burping , Belly

I'm in a bad mood as it is, feeling gasy and bloated with a bad stomach ache, and now you've arrived early! I'm not ready to go out yet, I've got messages to send, a game to play  and a belly to deflate. I'm already pissed with you for getting here so early that I'm in no mood to entertain you while you wait for me. You can sit there in the corner and just wait until I'm ready!

Oh! Whoops, I've let one go. Then another. And another. I fart and fart, occasionally pulling a face and wafting the scent of one as it leaves my big, round butt. I can't help it... I'm bursting with gas and need to let it out to help my belly feel better. I blank you completely as I continue to play on my iPad and fart, glancing up very occasionally to admonish you for being early and checking out my farts.

You are of no importance to me, all that I care about are finishing my game and farting like crazy to relieve my bloated tummy. It takes a while but finally the gas has cleared and I've finished doing what I wanted to do. Time to get up and get changed - with one last fart, of course.

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