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I Dream Of Lucy Purr

Price: $12.99
Clip length: 00:14:15
Posted: 02/12/2019
File size: 537.39 MB
Category: Magic
Secondary categories:
Big Tits , Executrix , Transformation , POV , Costumes

You come home with an antique vase from a yard sale and rub off the grime. A few seconds later, a genie (Lucy Purr) stands in front of you. Taking in her surroundings, she oozes sensuality and greets you as Master. It's your lucky day and you get 3 wishes for your deepest, darkest desires. This must be a joke or scam and you test her claims, by asking for a bigger dick. Magically, your pants bulge and it's real! For the 2nd wish, you want her to look like the chick that was in the porno you watched. In a flash, her genie costume is replaced with a skimpy white top and blue panties. The veil vanishes, revealing her pretty face, and the ponytail is replaced with voluptuous curls.

Lucy admires her body in the skimpy outfit, and feels new sensations. She feels what the pornstar felt while filming and becomes horny and eager to please. How about that third wish?When you ask for a non-stop fuckfest, she's startled and tries to fight it. The wish is done and the worried look turns into a big smile as she straddles and slides down your cock cowgirl style (implied POV). You grab her hair and huge tits as she rides your member. You cum quickly but are magically recharged for more action. Unfortunately, you don't realize the implications of sex all night!As the orgasms continue, you're cramping, chafing and begging for a break, but Lucy doesn't slow down. Pleas for water are ignored despite her sweaty body. Soon, you are no longer able to keep up and slump over. Looking over her former Master, the wishes reset and she climbs off looking like she did when she came out of the vase. Looking sad, she laments how this always seems to happen before returning to her home.


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