Ceara Lynch

H***o Foot Therapy

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Posted: 09/29/2017
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Category: Foot Worship

Many men come to for help with their addiction to women’s feet. I’m the best fetish therapist in the world and I promise I can cure any addict of his sexual obsessions. The method requires putting you in a t****e so you are completely at my will. I hipnotize my patients and can command them to do whatever I desire. I have spent my entire career curing men of their foot fetish, but in order for my treatment to work they have to be obsessed with something else… ME! Instead of lusting after every pair of sexy girly feet, you will only want to worship my pantyhose. You will feel an urge to beg to worship your therapist at any moment. All it takes is my dangling high heel to fall to the floor and you will be on your knees ready to worship like a loyal foot slave.

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