Mistress Rousson

Hurt yourself for My Amusement

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Posted: 08/18/2016
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Category: CBT
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Female Domination

This isn't just any old instructional CBT clip, this is the first in a series that will make you come to crave pain. Don't believe Me? Try it.

You might not think it will ... but the reaction you'll get from Me by hurting yourself will make the pain addictive. I want you to hurt yourself for Me, because I want to see your reaction, hear the squeals, and watch the pain take over your whole body. I want you to push yourself for Me - whether you've never tried self CBT, or whether you're an experienced masochist.

You will need: an object that's cane like - a long pencil, wooden spoon or something along those lines will do, a paddle, a knife, elastic bands, and courage.

Keep an eye out for Part II soon ...