Kelle Martina

Hump My Toe Cleavage

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Clip length: 00:05:54
Posted: 02/19/2019
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Category: Giantess
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Pedicures / Toenails , Toes , Pantyhose/Stockings , Femdom POV

As a tiny little man, only about an inch tall, you obviously don’t get much action. But when you meet a beautiful, huge, giantess who seems fascinated by your foot fetish – things are starting to look up. She teases you with the dirty scent of her black stockings, and notices that you are going crazy for them. She lets you hug her big toe like a giant pillow – letting you worship every nook and cranny of her stinky black stockings. Since you’ve amused her so much, she allows you to hump the little space between her big and second toe. “Just like humping your couch cushions!” she teases. Giggles, as you hump yourself to a tiny little orgasm.