Mistress Sophia Sylvan

Humiliating Heel Worship

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Posted: 12/18/2018
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Category: High Heels
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Curvy , Masturbation Instruction , Pantyhose/Stockings , Humiliation , Femdom POV

As my loyal servant, it is your duty to worship whatever I present you with, be it a body part or inanimate object connected to me. I also love to use your fetishes against you, and knowing that you have a fetish for women wearing high heels, I decide to humiliate you with this knowledge. Knowledge is power, after all...and I know an awful lot about you by now. I know that these sheer black stockings with 6 strap garter belt drives you wild, for example, and that you can't resist my curves. You'll do anything to please me. You're driven half-crazy with lust as I confidently sit in my chair, ankles crossed, making you kiss and lick my gorgeously worn stilettos. You're instructed to suck the dangerous heel, sharp and sparkling like a blade. I threaten you with what I would do to you with them if you cum too quickly. I make you lick the disgusting bottoms, even that is a treat, since you're so often denied my presence and attention. Allowed to stroke in my vicinity and follow my orders--pure heaven. A smile from me--pure bliss. Revel in your submission as you bow before me, waiting for the humiliating command I tease you about. You get glimpses of my cleavage, my full ass in panties, and are told you don't deserve my pussy. I shove the inside of my warm, stinky shoe in your face, fresh off my foot. Jerk to it, bitch. Inhale that lovely fragrance. Isn't it delicious? The scent of rank, sweaty foot? No? Jerk to it anyway, and breathe deep as I command you. Submit. Now shove your cock in here and fuck, while I rub my pussy in my panties, the pussy you'll never possess. I own you, that's how it is, and you're resigned, and unbelievably aroused, as you fuck the inside of my warm, stinky shoe like it's a pussy, and cum for me.