Kelle Martina

Humiliated Costume Party

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Posted: 02/21/2019
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D1aper , Age Regression , Humiliation , Femdom POV

You’ve been my good little babie boy at home for over a month now. All the time wearing diapers, getting bottle fed, getting sponge baths. So far, we’ve only played like this at home, but since we’re going to a costume party, guess what you’re going to be wearing? That same babie outfit, that’s right. You’ll be in your d****r, onesie, babie bonnet, and babie booties. For the first time you’ll be in public wearing your everyday outfit, and you’ll be having the same rules you have at home. Only babie talk, no solid foods, no crying or I’ll spank you, and no sitting on the furniture. You’ll be crawling around on your favorite blankie by Mommy’s feet, being a very good boy for me. No one will know that you’re like this all the time for me, but they might notice how comfortable you are in this role with M***y.