Misha Mystique

Humiliated and Blackmailed by the Bratty Hot Maid

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Clip length: 00:04:08
Posted: 02/18/2019
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Category: Femdom POV
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Role Play , Blackmail Fantasy , Maid , Humiliation , Financial Domination

That super hot maid you hired recently has been getting brattier each time she's come over to clean. The more assertive that she's gotten with you, the more you've revealed the beta you really are. Now, she has you just where she wants you. She's arrived for work in an even sluttier outfit than usual and you are even weaker than ever for her. You can't keep your eyes off her perfect body in that completely sheer maid outfit. She says she's done cleaning things, putting her foot in your face, verbally humiliating you, brattily using your face as her foot rest while she texts on her phone, flipping you off while she rubs her shoe all over your loser face. Now that it's completely out in the open what a beta loser you are for her, she expects you to pay her to keep your little loser secret. Since secrets are expensive, she also expects a raise. Guess you'll be doing all the cleaning yourself from now on... Shot in 1080p. [includes elements of: femdom pov, blackmail fantasy, french maid, verbal humiliation, foot domination, ignore fetish, stiletto high heels, sheer clothing, nipples, hot blondes, middle finger, brat girls, financial domination, roleplay, findom ]