Torvea Films

Human Trade - Lucy Purr

Price: $14.99
Clip length: 00:16:56
Posted: 02/05/2019
File size: 344.73 MB
Category: Forced Stripping
Secondary categories:
Damsel in Distress , Sub Training , Humiliation , Embarrassment , Voyeur

Lucy Purr thanks the photographer for picking her up as he sets up the video cameras. She is confused because she thought it was a photo shoot. He explains it as an audition and that she needs to strip out of her clothing. There is no way she is going nude but Scott explains that the people are watching and ready to bid on her. Before she can run out, he grabs her around the neck and pulls her closer to the viewers. Lucy fights back and screams to be released. Scott grabs her tits and mocks her for her cries for help. Nobody is coming for her!He reaches down her shirt and finds out that she is not wearing a bra and teases the buyers with underboob shots. When he finally pulls it up, her large tits are perfect and perky.Those long legs kick even as he lifts her off the ground, but it does not deter him from getting those denim shorts off. A tiny purple thong adorns her cute little ass and they play the game of “Guess the Trim”. If the buyer can guess it correctly he gets a percentage off her training. When she won't show her ass, he forcefully bends her over, and lifts her up by her belly. The viewers are going to see every part of her even if she refuses to play the game.The bids are tallied and it looks like she is going to be trained! Everyone wants to be a model!