Human Stress Ball-Busting

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Posted: 01/23/2018
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CFNM , CBT , Female Domination

I'm with my coworker in our business hotel room after a terrible meeting with some potential investors. My idiot pervert of a colleague was zoned out the entire meeting, staring at my tits and legs, and left me to pitch our startup entirely by myself. I'm so mad at him for being a lazy, lecherous creep, and for potentially ruining our business. I have one more chance to convince these guys to invest, but right now I'm far too stressed to even think straight. If my partner isn't going to pull his weight in the boardroom, he can make himself useful as a human stress ball instead. I need to get my aggression & energy out, so that I can pull off a good deal, and his balls are going to take the brunt of my anger. I make him spread his legs wide and don't hold back, with fast, swift kicks to his balls. His jeans are in the way though...I really want to inflict some direct pain and see the abuse his dick is taking for me. About a hundred kicks later and he's down on the ground, but that doesn't stop me. I'm going to ballbust him until I feel better...and that might take a while...