Miss Kelle Martina

How to Get Dick

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Posted: 07/20/2014
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Category: Bi Humiliation
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Masturbation Instruction , Blowjobs , Femdom POV

I've heard the question from hundreds of you wannabe fags..."How do I find a cock to suck?" There are obviously several ways, so let me outline one of them, very specifically. Make sure you are prepared for this one. I will give you exact instructions on what to do to find a nice cock to suck.

You'll be in a gay bar before you know it. Hopefully for a horny fag boy like you, it will have a dirty little bathroom that has seen countless blowjobs. Your first blow job. I hope he calls you a nasty little faggot while he's pounding your mouth full of thick dick. You'd better suck it good...I want you to be rewarded with a hot creamy load in your throat. Yes, this is really how to want you. I really want you to suck a real cock. Think of how good you'll feel afterwards, fag boy!

A hot, informative and directive approach to my f****d bi clips. Take it to the next level.

This clip includes: f****d bi, masturbation encouragement, dirty talk, satin blouse, teasing, blowjob instruction, fag humiliation, and FemDom POV.

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